Argan Oil for skin, hair, and nails

   Argan oil also known as Moroccan miracle oil is a type of oil produced from the fruit extracts of the very sporadic Moroccan Argan tree which can only be found in southwestern regions of Morocco. However, it has increasingly gained more fame around the world due to countless positive, glowing statements from around the western world as its effectiveness as a skin conditioner and a moisturizer. Thus, due to its myriad benefits, more and more body, skin and hair care products include argan oil as an essential ingredient that works wonder to one's overall health are extracted from it.

   This Moroccan liquid gold was said to have contains 80% essential fatty acids (to help reduce inflammation), as well as squalene (help in keeping our skin soft), phytosterols (help in protecting collagen) and phenolic compounds (which guard against free radicals). The oil contains five times the amount of vitamin E that olive oil contains, making it one of the most versatile beauty products for those of who like to keep their beauty routines simple or who want to want to remain budget conscious. Hence, below are simple benefits of using organic Argan oil in your daily life.

   Anti-aging oil therapy: One of the main benefits this oil can offer is a significant reduction in the signs of aging often seen in the skin. The oil works by revitalizing cell growth and can help to combat the damage caused by pollution, sun, stress, and smoking. It can help to smooth wrinkles on the face and body as well as softening the skin, and scientific studies have also shown an increase in skin elasticity and tightening when used regularly.

   Healing Strech Marks: It has an anti-inflammatory action and can help to reduce signs of skin irritation and inflammation as well as provide relief from many minor skin problems. Blemishes and scars are often significantly decreased by regular application of argan oil. Argan oil has also been used to significant effect in burn injuries.

   Full Body Moisturizer: This is the most common use of argan oil because it gives your skin a natural moisturizing boost. This oil is the go-to solution. It's chockfull of potent vitamin e and essential fatty acids that are known to keep the skin looking young, radiant and supple. Using on the face, neck and the whole body is easy. Just put a few drops in your palm and massage gently in a circular motion as you would with conventional body lotion and moisturizers.

  Deep treatment for your hair: Pure and organic Argan oil has proven to be effective in keeping the hair softer, silkier and shinier. Based on countless reviews by experts in the beauty industry, it is the ideal hair conditioner and can treat split ends and tame fizzy hair literally in seconds after using it. Hence, by applying to your hair and leaving the oil for anything upwards of an hour you will genuinely treat your hair. Rejuvenate dry, damaged hair and help to protect it from further damage leaving your hair soft, shiny, frizz free and easy to manage.

   Conclusively, as you can see argan oil is super flexible and efficiently tackles most things you throw at it. It's light, natural, organic and easily absorbed so anyone can use it. Thus, nature does a lot of beautiful things for the human being, and organic argan oil is one of them.


I’m still imagining how I haven’t known about this since the benefits are numerous and it’s just the kind of thing I need. I spend a lot on creams and lot of them always end up to be harsh chemicals that still don’t deliver what they promise. I bet this will be a lot better option to consider.

Mia May 12, 2019

Products that contain argan oil may not be common to find and may be a little more expensive, they are still very effective for skin and hair, so I always say they are worth it. If you get a good one no matter how small, you’ll be impressed with the result with time.

Juliet Bob April 29, 2019

I’m definitely switching over to products that contain argan oil. Gosh! I never knew I was missing such! Thank you so much for sharing this. At least now I’m sure my skin care routine will take an improved turn.

Randy Neal April 20, 2019

Nature sure blessed us with this one. The oil is super flexible and efficiently tackles most things you throw at it. I particularly love that it is light, natural, organic and easily absorbed so anyone with any skin type can comfortably use it.

Ajas April 19, 2019

Fact! Argan oil has increasingly gained more fame around the world than the other oils. The countless positive benefits and its effectiveness as a skin conditioner and a moisturizer has made a lot of people love the idea of adding it to their beauty routine.

Lillian Snow April 18, 2019

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