Sugaring is a completely natural method for hair removal. Sugaring is very similar to waxing, but in sugaring instead of wax, a solution composed of sugar, water and lemon juice is used after warming it up. However, the ingredients in sugaring are quite different than regular waxing because sugar paste is made of sugar, lemon juice and water. It is 100% natural, not tested on animals and is environmentally friendly. It contains no chemicals. The product is a blend of natural ingredients, therefore, eliminating the possibility of any harmful side effects. Thus, women in ancient Egypt who used sugaring were the standard of youth and beauty because they were smooth and hairless. In modern times this standard of beauty is still upheld. Women with smooth, hairless skin are considered young and beautiful.
However, in recent years, sugaring has surged more popularity even though the practice was developed in Ancient Egypt as its premier method for trimming, sculpting and removing unwanted body hair. Sugar paste is made of sugar, lemon juice and water. In fact, having sugaring done will look a lot like waxing in every element but the medium used. First, the sugaring technician mixes together with a paste that's composed mostly of sugar, and then the technician applies the paste to the hair you want to do away with, then the technician takes the paste off of your skin and removes your unwanted hair with it. There are some differences here and there, but at the end of the day sugaring works have a lot of benefits which are as follows:  
Exfoliates by stripping off dead skin: Sugar paste helps in exfoliating only dead skin cells, leaving the healthy live ones alone to do what they do best – keeping your skin in optimum shape. This, however, results in a much gentler sugaring, especially on delicate skin tissue areas like the bikini line - the sugar is so gentle that it won’t tear the skin like wax often does.
Organic sugaring pastes are all natural: There are no chemicals, no resins or oils, no long-and-impossible-to-say compounds, or synthetic compounds but composed of sugar, water and lemon juice. In fact, if you wanted to, you could even eat the sugar paste and probably find it deliciously sweet.
No risk of burning: Since the sugaring paste is applied at a lukewarm temperature, there is never a risk in burning, marking or having a product at the wrong temperature for the skin. Additionally, sugar goop never adheres and seep into the follicles which in turn causes the body hair to slide out more comfortably, for a complete extraction without body hair breakage or uncomfortable pulling. This means the process won’t ever cause any damage to the skin itself, and a common complaint people have about conventional waxing.
Helps reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and Less Breakage: Sugaring help in removing hair in its natural direction of growth, which helps minimize hair breakage, ingrown hairs, and irritation. Unlike waxing, that could lead to hair breakage and pains. Additionally, sugar past seeps into the follicle and helps lubricate the hair root before it’s pulled out, making it easier to extract.
Economical: Sugaring paste is a very affordable and safe method you can do right at home. It is simple to make using water, sugar and lemon juice. These items can be mixed at home at a very minimal cost. Getting the mixture right is the only real challenge.
Conversely, hair removal via sugaring is clean simple and effective for both men and women. Maybe that's why it's been around for thousands of years. Although not as permanent as laser hair removal, it beats shaving and offers a cost-effective method to get rid of unwanted hair.


Yes, you did a really great job with this post. A few months back, my dermatologist advised me to consider sugaring in my skin care regimen. I wouldn’t have thought of it having any benefit to my delicate and sensitive skin until she mentioned some of the amazing benefits it can offer my skin. Since i have started doing it, my skin has received a great boost. i will always recommend it to others, and when I saw this post up here, I immediately thought of commenting to encourage someone!

Loretta May 20, 2019

Yeah, sugaring has surged more popularity recently. I love that this paste is made of natural ingredients like sugar, lemon juice and water. It sure is a very clean, simple and effective hair removal method and I totally recommend it.

Joyce May 19, 2019

Really? The paste helps in exfoliating dead skin cells? I’m so going to try it out. The ones I have used before do not really leave the healthy ones alone to do what they do best. Since this is a much gentler method and won’t tear the skin like wax often does, I’ll start including it in my beauty regimen.

Janet May 19, 2019

I like how the sugar paste seeps into our follicle and helps lubricate the hair root before it’s pulled out. This may seem small but helps a great deal in making the hair easier to extract and painless. It leaves your skin smooth and soft as it’s not harsh in any way.

Juliet May 18, 2019

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