Hair Removal: Did Sugaring Kill Waxing?

There was a time when waxing was considered the most affordable and long-lasting hair removal method that was known to users. But that was when only a few people knew about the efficacy of sugaring hair removal method. Sugaring is somewhat similar to waxing to a large extent; the differences are that the former – i.e., sugaring hair removal method – is more natural, effective, and gentle on your skin.
Sugaring Hair Removal: What is it?
Sugaring hair removal is an ancient practice – and a better alternative to waxing – which is somewhat popular in the Middle East and throughout North Africa. All it requires is an elastic, thick paste that is composed primarily of sugar, water, and lemon juice.
How Sugaring Hair Removal Works?
The cognoscente mixes the ingredients and heats them until the mixture reaches a bubbling point. The paste becomes elastic and incredibly thick when it cools down. The specialist takes the sticky mixture and forms it into a shape that looks like a ball and flattens it onto your skin. Next, the paste is smoothed out and left in place for several seconds.
Bear in mind that the paste is applied against the grain of natural hair growth and binds fast with the hair on your skin. The paste is then peeled off in the direction of your natural hair growth, thereby pulling the hair out of their respective follicles.
Why Sugaring Hair Removal Method is Better Than Waxing Hair Removal Method
It Provides Lasting Results
Since the paste binds with hair, it removes them extensively and more thoroughly compared to the wax method of hair removal, which sticks to the skin. When the wax is pulled off, it doesn’t pull out the hair but breaks it instead, thereby defeating the purpose for the entire process. It also causes broken hair to grow back more quickly.
But the sugaring method of removing hair lasts up six weeks. Experts, however, recommend that sugaring should not be done too often, or your hair may stop growing altogether.
The Process is Less Painful
The entire sugaring hair removal process is not as painful as the wax hair removal method. This is because the paste is usually applied at room temperature and not when it is still hot.
Moreover, the paste is removed in the direction of hair growth, which means that it removes your hair more gently.
It is Composed of Natural Ingredients
Sugaring paste contains no more than three natural ingredients: sugar, water, and lemon juice as against synthetic wax. The fact that the sugaring hair removal method uses natural ingredients make the paste to be removed without stress with water.
It is Mild on the Skin
Sugaring hair removal method is not harsh and cannot cause accidental burns, which is common when the wax hair removal method is employed.
The paste does not adhere to human skin, and this means that you will not experience any form of skin irritation. The sugaring paste can even be used as an exfoliator since dead skin cells usually stick to the adhesive mixture without harming your skin.
So, did sugaring kill waxing? In light of the information supplied in the previous paragraphs, one can say that the sugaring hair removal method has effectively sent the wax hair removal method into oblivion.

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