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 - As an actress/model, I need to always have my skin and hair look fresh and shiny, especially during photo/video shoots. I’ve tried few expensive cosmetic products but they were overpriced and didn't feel natural on the skin. They were basically artificial moisturizers and colorings that would make my skin dry which would negatively affect my career in a near future. But then I’ve been told by one of my friends from Morocco that there is Argan Oil that would give me a better look, feel up my skin with all kinds of health fats, Antioxidants and vitamins. She has also mentioned that it is twice cheaper that bunch of cosmetics that actors use for their skin. It sounded too good to be true, but since that girls was from Morocco and while she was 25 she looked like 16, I’ve decided to give it a try.

I was amazed with a shiny look of my skin and even my photographer asked me if I changed my makeup brand or something :) It was such a relief for me, especially because I felt like skin got much fresher after using it for a week. Now, this Argan Oil is my daily moisturizer that saves my skin and a budget.

Thank you Lonua for such a good price and quality!

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Argan Oil is the best thing that happened to me

Tony Montana June 01, 2019

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