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Coffee Rage Beard Oil – 2 fl oz - 100% Natural Premium Conditioner & Softener

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Best Coffee Scented Oil Your Beard Will Thank You For

Did you know that the man with no beard gets less attention from girls?

According to study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, shaven men gets the lowest score in the scale of sexiness compared to a healthy beard guys.

Men with real beard are considered more responsible, masculine and dominant which are required qualities for a modern viking. Especially coffee smell that makes of those girls like ;)

Transforming any lifeless looking beard into vibrant into smooth, healthy beard - without any greasy or shiny residue!

Use our best beard oil as an alternative to expensive balms and night creams - get the same results at a fraction of the cost. Now you can finally achieve the youthful, plump beard you’ve been looking for.

Simply pour few drops on your palms. Rub it into the beard, make sure it got all the way to the skin.

It works well if you massage it against the way your beard hair grows. It should preferably be done after shower. In order to receive the most benefits.

You can also use your oil for homemade beard care products such a creams etc.

100% Unrefined Oil Not all Beard Oils are created equal, and some cheaper versions are deodorized to remove the smell - unfortunately, this also removes most of the benefits L’Onua Beard Oil is cold pressed, natural, unfiltered and undeodorized - which means your beard gets the best possible results.

The non-greasy, premium quality oil allows you to only need few drops each time.

It comes in a handy dropper bottle as well.

100% Unrefined Oil

Order stock is limited - order now for an oil your beard and mustache will love!

Note: For best results, do not store in direct sunlight and use within 3 months of purchase

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