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Our premium luxury Sugaring Paste is the most modern ans skin saving way to get rid of unnecessary hair on your body. 1 jar will be more than enough to clean up your bikini zone. Give it a try and post in a reviews section below.

Natural Hair Remover – This sugar paste wax can be applied to your legs, armpits, bikini area, and other parts of your body where you want to remove hair for safe, effective hair removal that’s naturally organic.

All-Over Body Support – Free of artificial ingredients, chemicals, or additives, our sugaring paste hair removal wax can be used externally almost all over your body to get smoother skin free of fine or dark hairs.

Help Prevent Re-Growth – Waxing hair with our sugaring paste can help slow the growth of your hair to give you cleaner, clearer skin for longer periods of time. This is especially great before vacations, trips, or travel.

No Pre-Heating – Easier to use than hot wax, our Brazilian sugaring paste applies directly to the skin without having to heat it up or put it in the microwave. It also washes off quickly and easily with just water.

Trusted Quality Assurance – Here at [Brand] we want to earn your business with high-quality support and premium ingredients you can trust. If you aren’t happy with your order, reach out and let us know so we can make it right.


Remove body hair with natural sugaring paste from LOnua Cosmetics and get smooth, more natural-looking skin without harsh chemicals or damaged skin. Whether you’re looking to keep the hair from growing under your arms while avoiding shaving, want to clean up your bikini line so you can hit the beach, or you’re embarrassed by the thick, dark hairs on your legs or arms, LOnua Cosmetics Sugaring Paste  can help remove it quickly and easily to give you back your smooth, radiant skin and beautiful confidence in no time.   

Formulated with natural ingredients, this sugar paste offers the hair removal strength of wax but helps avoid skin damage, redness, or trauma. Better yet, it can be used with any standard waxing strips and washes away with warm water for quick and easy clean up. Product Details: 

Organic Sugaring Paste (12 oz.) Natural Brazilian Formulation Hard Sugar Wax for Hair Removal Helps Slow and Prevent Hair Growth Body, Legs, Back, Arms, and Bikini Area. No Harsh Chemicals, Additives, or Artificial Colors

Supports Men and Women

Guaranteed Satisfaction  

Removal hair from your bikini line, lower back, legs, or other areas of your body with a Brazilian sugaring paste from L’Onua by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above now. 


Hair must be at least 0.3 in (5-6 mm) long 
1.Always use Nitrile gloves, kindly warm it up (78-84 F)
2.Thoroughly clean your skin (no oils or lotions residue)
3.Apply a light dusting of drying powder or cornstarch
4.Quickly tear the paste accordingly to the hair growth and along the skin surface
5.Same piece of sugar paste can be used until it starts sticking to your hands
6.Clean sugar paste off of your skin with warm water or use waxing strips

Organic sugar, Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Aloe Vera   

Proudly Made In USA

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